Schlagwort: Spazieren


Aren’t personal property and private property essentially the same thing, though? No! There’s a difference between things that are owned by persons and things that are owned by entities, and although that difference has been obscured by over a century’s worth of “corporations are people” rhetoric from the right, it’s still an important one. Scale matters: It might be reasonable for Bob to say I can’t go hang out in his backyard gazebo while he’s on vacation, but it’s far different for The Bob Corporation to say that I’m not allowed to set foot in a certain forest, beach, park, shopping mall, or abandoned soap factory.

Nick Slater: The Innocent Pleasure of Trespassing


He had found Gwen by some miracle and lost touch with that old friend for a few years, but now he and solitude were back together, out for a stroll, familiar and comfortable.

Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age


Walking and talking — that seemed a very odd way of spending an afternoon.

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World


Es gibt Tages- und Nachtzeiten zu denen Spazierengehen ohne Hund fast auffällig ist, wenn man nicht gerade eine Katze ist.


  • go for a walk
  • quit facebook
  • eat more chocolate
  • only read the news every second day