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The concept of a retreat didn't make sense to me until I realized that it was how I lived my entire life.

Neil Stephenson: Anathem


Solitude is amazing. It's addicting, yet tormenting. I crave it when I don't have it, and when I do have it, sometimes I want to keep it, yet share it with someone else. That kind of sounds contradictory, but, fug it. We are all contradictions.

mr.gr3y: Fug it.


Its better to be
Right and alone
Than wrong and in love
Or was it
The other way around

The Spin Wires: No Ones Keeping Score

AG Bühnentechnik.

Most third places are invisible to outsiders.

Simply Solitude.

Is my need for solitude eccentric or does everybody need interludes alone with themselves? I suspect the urgency and frequency of my need is a bit odd. No doubt there's some convoluted psychological explanation which doesn't interest me. We are what we are.

Dervla Murphy: Silverland (2006)

Closed Door.

She'd been gone He'd been alone so long that there were spider webs on the passenger door.

Bla Bla Wuff Wuff.

Jeder hat 'nen Hund, aber keinen zum Reden

Peter Fox: Schwarz zu Blau

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