Schlagwort: Nacht

I checked you.

It takes two, it's up to me and you, to prove it,
On the rainy nights, even the coldest days,

Gossip: Heavy Cross

M-x midnight-madness.

If you run one Emacs session for a period of days, as many people do, it can fill up with buffers that you used several days ago.

GNU Emacs Manual: 19.4 Killing Buffers

Let the devil take tomorrow.

All I'm taking is your time.

Gladys Knight & The Pips: Help to make me through the night

2 4 4 U.

It must be about four o'clock, thought Moist. Four o'clock! I hate it when there are two four o'clocks in the same day...

Terry Pratchett: Making Money


My favorite time of the each day is m:d.

But you probably knew that already.