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It must be about four o'clock, thought Moist. Four o'clock! I hate it when there are two four o'clocks in the same day...

Terry Pratchett: Making Money


My favorite time of the each day is m:d.

But you probably knew that already.

Bunt und Braun.

On some days nights only coloring and chocolate pudding can help.

Okcuppied with wine.

The best evenings are the unplanned ones.

Too far to starve, yet too close to breathe.

The conscience says no, all senses yell go,
There's too much at stake this time.
The more I deny, the more I commit to this night.

Don't tell me what you feel, don't tell me what you see,
Close your eyes and stay behind the scene.
Any alibi will be one step over the line.

Xandria - Sleeping Dogs Lie

Where my stuff spends the night.

Whom and which locations I trust cannot necessarily be told by where I sleep.

A more reliable telltale sign is where I leave my notebook, kindle, etc.

God and Devil must have worked as one together.

Do you know what it is to feel the light of love inside you
When all the darkness falls away?
If you feel the way I feel then I believe we have the answer
That I've been searching for tonight

Dave Matthews

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