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Also, think you know them.

Never use your brain: brains are not to be involved in matters of love.

Math, Chocolate and Circus: How to fail at relationships

Which kind is this?

Maybe there are only two kinds of question in the world. The kind they ask in school, where the answer is known in advance; asked not so that anyone will be any the wiser but for other reasons. And then the others, those in the laboratory. Where one does not know the answers, and often not even the question, before one has asked it.

Peter Hoeg: Borderliners


Das perfekte Kompliment bewahrheitet sich sobald und dadurch dass es als solches verstanden wird.

Kompliment des Jahres.

Mit dir kann man sich intelligent unterhalten.



Can you still be an intellectual if you curse and write text messages consisting only of emojis?

Amelie and Ulrich.

They could never have a relationship.

Because they just could not have one single meaningless conversation.