Juli 2016 Archiv

Ausgesorgt V.

Bitte gehen Sie weiter, dort gibt es was zu sehen.

Genau, gleich ist hier wieder Sommerpause. Daher hier schon mal ein paar alte und neue Hör- und Leseempfehlungen.


To be anti-car at the beginning of the twenty-first century is generally seen as irrational, unrealistic – yet what could be more irrational than promoting the unnecessary use of motor vehicles when ample evidence exists that already their emissions have done immense damage? A risk is something one can disregard; with luck all will be well. A certain future disaster, as a result of an avoidable present course of action, can only be disregarded by those whose logical faculties are paralysed.

Dervla Murphy: Silverland (2006)


No more rock stars.

Valerie Aurora, Mary Gardiner, and Leigh Honeywell


The king wisely had the computer scientist beheaded, and they all lived happily ever after.

Unknown / Do-While Jones