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Precrime for all. For now.

Die Vorratsdatenspeicherung ist nur für schwere Straftaten im Gespräch, die Aufklärungsraten rechtfertigen das aber kaum. Sind diese Argumente nicht reiner Populismus?
Vielleicht wäre die Aufklärungsrate ohne diese Möglichkeiten ja gesunken. Es geht außerdem nicht nur um die Aufklärung von bereits verübten Verbrechen, sondern auch um die Vermeidung von geplanten Straftaten. Wenn ein Fachmann für innere Sicherheit das Instrument verlangt, dann will ich es auch zur Verfügung stellen. Zurückziehen kann man das Werkzeug immer noch.

futurezone.at: Interview mit Günther Oettinger, EU-Kommissar für Digitalwirtschaft


and I'll love you,
if you let me
and I'll love you,
if you won't make me stop

Marylin Manson: Devour


What are the colleagues talking about, I wonder? Oh, Jones dropped a 3,890 year old pot and smashed it? What a useless wanker! Someone should do something unpleasant to him. And don't even ask about the unfortunate incident in Athens two years ago - you'll be there all day! Breaking a pillar like that! We don't talk about that here, mate. What? You don't want to discuss the finer points of the prevalence of phallic imagery in Pompeii? Is there something wrong with you?

tickld.com: How Football Sounds To People That Don't Care. This Guy Nails It.

Eat all labels.

So what I’m saying is this: creating a vegetarian subculture will not help fight against the carni-normative attitude. It’s better to be a pragmatist and refuse the label. Instead, we will speak out about our food preferences, and our reasons for them. This is the most consistent way to promote social change.

It Ain't Necessarily So. Why I’m Not A Vegetarian

The Farmer Bay.

The pièce de résistance in John Deere’s argument: permitting owners to root around in a tractor’s programming might lead to pirating music through a vehicle’s entertainment system. Because copyright-marauding farmers are very busy and need to multitask by simultaneously copying Taylor Swift’s 1989 and harvesting corn? (I’m guessing, because John Deere’s lawyers never explained why anyone would pirate music on a tractor, only that it could happen.)

And, somehow, the notion of actually owning the things you buy has become revolutionary.

Kyle Wiens: We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership, In: WIRED 04.21.15