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Sex is good, but have you ever fucked the system

Graffiti, seen in Beirut, Lebanon (tumblr)


Im Übrigen sind wir der Meinung, dass Datenkraken zerschlagen gehören.

Marc Elsberg: Zero


I want to change the future as I look into your eyes.

Miami Horror: I Look To You

Wenn man mal weiß welche das sind.

Das Rezept für Gelassenheit ist ganz einfach: Man darf sich nicht über Dinge aufregen, die nicht zu ändern sind.

Helen Vita


make the change easy

then make the easy change

Kent Beck, as quoted by Katrina Owen

Wer macht hat Macht.

This question is a practical one that doesn’t even begin to touch on the issue of how effective the consensus-seeking principle actually is as a model for democratic political engagement. The way the form plays out, it perpetuates certain hierarchies by disguising them. The least subtle examples of this are the denial of the existence of unelected/informal leaders, and the impediments to participation for those who don’t have the freedom (to maneuver within their temporary contracts) to put off work for long hours of assembling day after day.

Donya Alinejad: Dear Maagdenhuis, can we please get our shit together?


[...] how ridiculous and what a scam the individual freedom of “I do what I feel like doing” is. If they truly want to fight the government, the hackers have to give up this fetish. The cause of individual freedom is what prevents them from forming strong groups capable of laying down a real strategy, beyond a series of attacks; it’s also what explains their inability to form ties beyond themselves, their incapacity for becoming a historical force.

Invisible Committee: Fuck Off, Google.

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