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Consider this sentence: Sue invited Anna for dinner. She proposed to meet on Monday. In spoken language, the word she could refer either to Sue or Anna. A signing person however can resolve this ambiguity: they will place Sue and Anna at two points in space and explicitly refer to one of them by pointing to her location.

Iris Proff: What happens if you grow up without language?


Welche Anna meinst du denn?

Nadine Theiler: Taking a unified perspective - Resolutions and highlighting in the semantics of attitudes and particles.

Counterfactual snackbars.

Concluding this, the theory states that both the counterfactual statements ``If A had not been open, we would not have seen the man with the hamburger'' and ``If A had not been open, B would have been open'' should not be accepted.

If after working this out I still have any such thing as intuitions or opinions about these counterfactuals, then I very much agree with this result: When constructing a possible world in which A had not been open, to keep our thoughts consistent, we do not necessarily need to remove the hamburger-man and we do not necessarily need to open the other snackbar.

All we need to do, is do at least one of these things.

Wenn LogikerInnen feiern.

my favourite part was a really heated debate about linguistics soundtracked by