Schlagwort-Archiv: Intelligenz

Also too slow.

Do you really think that I betrayed you
Honey don't you know that I'm too dumb for that

Brasstronaut: Slow Knots


I like to watch and listen to intelligent people.

Feature of the Past.

I'm overloaded with more tasks than I should be doing at this time and I'm going to keep only the more important tasks.

The Apollo 11 computer, programmed by Margaret Hamilton


Algorithms are essentially thoughtless. They model certain decision flows, but once you run them, no more thought occurs. To call a person “thoughtless” is usually considered a slight, or an outright insult; and yet, we unleash so many literally thoughtless processes on our users, on our lives, on ourselves.

Eric: Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty


It seems both hard and dangerous to get used to other people thinking that oneself is a smart person.

Among ITself.

Someday the Turing test will be assessed by machines.