Schlagwort-Archiv: Heiraten

Teilhabende Feldforschung.

The best way to understand new things might be doing them.

Papierloses Glück.

Lorenz gibt an, den Trauschein vor lauter Freude aus dem fahrenden Auto geworfen zu haben.

Wikipedia: Rainer Werner Fassbinder


and they end up getting married in the end just because it’s easier to explain that way, you know, a single lady ~~living alone with a man~~ even if he’s not actually a man, and that’s fine with them because beauty was never really into the whole boys and sex thing and the beast (whose name is jeff) is honestly more interested in his flowers

christine: beauty and the beast

Non-trivial Bisimulation.

Ich bin nicht für die Homo-Ehe. Ich will dass jedeR heiraten darf.


And instead of celebrating the fact that the institution of marriage is a little bit queerer than it was, you insist on insisting that gays who want to get married are a little bit more heterosexual than they were.



Kommt Zeit, kommt Heirat.



Ich bin verwirrt, ich verliere in ein paar Tagen meinen Namen.

ein Bräutigam