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Lately, you meet a couple of lost Linux buddies and they complain to you that you didn’t return their messages. You say you never received the messages, and shrug. You never have an idea why didn’t a message go through, maybe because they used the client that is not officially supported? But your buddies silently think that you’re a lying son of a bitch. What they don’t know is that you just want to be a Google fanboy.

Trương Nguyễn Hữu Huân: How did Google Talk change from a dream to a nightmare?


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When you’re using Google Docs, you’re not actually typing into where you think you’re typing. You’re typing into a textarea in an iFrame off-screen, and through the postMessage API, those events are being sent to the “edit surface” that you see, which does stuff like draw your cursor. (Your cursor on Docs isn’t actually a cursor, it’s a 2px-wide div!)

James Somers: How I Reverse Engineered Google Docs To Play Back Any Document’s Keystrokes