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Ausgesorgt IX.

Sommerpause bis 2020-09-01.

Make pools, not traffic.

Benedetto Bufalino ovlivňuje veřejná prostranství instalacemi, které kombinují hravost s poetičností a zvou nás ke vstupu do nekonvenční reality. Během své kariéry již transformoval automobil na jacuzzi, pec na pizzu či ping-pongový stůl. Zde zhmotňuje svou představu dřevěné terasy postavené na třech automobilech přímo na ulici. Tato netypická terasa však vybízí kolemjdoucí k běhu…

Arnaud Fourrier, ředitel Colomierského centra umění, vysvětluje, že umělcova díla nám nabízejí jistý druh každodenní formy hravosti. Deformováním či modifikací objektů, které nás obklopují, použitím designu, umění a architektury Benedetto Bufalino nabízí reflexi, hru s funkcionalitou našeho prostředí.

Landscape Festival Prague: 30. La piste d´athlétisme by Benedetto Bufalino

As the virus spreads inside.

Look around, then you see
It's no doubt that we face extermination

Amaranthe: Viral

Not even at school.

"Have you ever seen anyone die?"
"Of course," Mary Sarojini answered, evidently surprised that such a question should be asked. "Let me see." She made a mental calculation. "I've seen five people die. Six, if you count babies."
"I hadn't seen anyone die when I was your age."
"You hadn't?"
"Only a dog."
"Dogs die easier than people. They don't talk about it beforehand."
"How do you feel about. . . about people dying?"
"Well, it isn't nearly so bad as having babies. That's awful. Or at least it looks awful. But then you remind yourself that it doesn't hurt at all. They've turned off the pain."
"Believe it or not," said Will, "I've never seen a baby being born."
"Never?" Mary Sarojini was astonished. "Not even when you were at school?"
Will had a vision of his headmaster in full canonicals conducting three hundred black-coated boys on a tour of the Lying-in Hospital. "Not even at school," he said aloud.
"You never saw anybody dying, and you never saw anybody having a baby. How did you get to know things?"
"In the school I went to," he said, "we never got to know things, we only got to know words."
The child looked up at him, shook her head and, lifting a small brown hand, significantly tapped her forehead. "Crazy," she said. "Or were your teachers just stupid?"

Aldous Huxley: Island

Soft Skills.

PHP is a hell of a language.

Pain Target.

Since women are known to benefit from social support more than men [...], they were selected for the role of pain target.

Goldstein et. al (2018): Brain-to-brain coupling during handholding is associated with pain reduction.

A dream of science.

I had a dream that Sci-Hub gets discussed by the U.N. For example, Russia could tell the U.S. that it’s a violation of human rights [to ban Sci-Hub] because the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights says everyone has the right to participate in scientific advancement. But that remained only a dream.


There is no real community to discuss that, you hardly hear such voices. Not just in the mainstream media, but even on YouTube, for example. It all died by 2013, when Aaron Swartz died.

Alexandra Elbakyan (as quoted in Blackballed by PayPal, Scientific-Paper Pirate Takes Bitcoin Donations by Anna Baydakova on

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