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Creepy maar ook wel een beetje zielig

De Speld: Luchtvaartmaatschappij waar je 8 jaar terug 1 keer mee hebt gevlogen denkt na al die tijd nog steeds aan jouw privacy


Academic spamming has reached a new level when someone some bot suggest that you should patent a logic.


I have only been on this blog a short time, but it was quickly evident how you support and encourage others. You prove that boidibudly-ng is not just for those who want to compete, but it is a lifestyle for people of all ages [...]

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Bitte keine Werbung und kostenlosen Zeitungen.

If you have to give a reason why "this is not spam" under your emails, then it definitely is.

Guess what.

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Sperm Sperm Sperm.

Why, oh why?

Einer von Sechshundertneun.

You’re all arguing grammar with a spambot, folks.

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