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Testing Spam.

Dear friend,

As is well known, the reagents for virus detection are facing serious shortage situation in many countries and it will take at least $1400 USD/ per person for the coronavirus detection. As result, there are a large number of people who have already show some symptom cannot be detected. Not to mention those asymptomatic infections, they might be the close contacts who remaining undetectable and are potential risks to person around them. To avoid this bad situation, I would like to recommend a test kit for COVID for you. Compared with $1400 USD test cost per person, the test kit we have is only $298 USD per box, and each box contains 25 pcs of test cassette which can be applied to 25 person.

You can tell the result within 15 minutes using this test kit by identifying where the result shows, as indicates negative, positive and uncertain position. The accuracy of the result is more than 95% and it is made by the National Military Research Institute. Most importantly, this test kits is the one that recently donated to Iran by China government.

Should this test kit be of your interest, please let me know. My Email is: [REMOVED]

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Disturbing Spam.

Hello there! I'm sorry to disturb you. I am a Chinese mask factory. There are a large number of disposable stocks. The masks have CE certification for the EU. In addition, the factory also has FDA and ISO certification. Welcome to contact us!

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Antwoord snel.

A sign you have been living in a country for quite a while: You start getting email spam in the local language.


Creepy maar ook wel een beetje zielig

De Speld: Luchtvaartmaatschappij waar je 8 jaar terug 1 keer mee hebt gevlogen denkt na al die tijd nog steeds aan jouw privacy


Academic spamming has reached a new level when someone some bot suggest that you should patent a logic.


I have only been on this blog a short time, but it was quickly evident how you support and encourage others. You prove that boidibudly-ng is not just for those who want to compete, but it is a lifestyle for people of all ages [...]

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Bitte keine Werbung und kostenlosen Zeitungen.

If you have to give a reason why "this is not spam" under your emails, then it definitely is.

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