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Now is this real, or my imagination?

I guess I must be dreaming.

Dead by April: Dreaming


Since the 1980s, the Iroise coast in Brittany has received a supply of bright orange landline novelty phones shaped like the famous cartoon cat.

BBC: Garfield phones beach mystery finally solved after 35 years


Es ist immer wieder komisch wenn Männer den Ton angeben aber dann vor allem Frauen mitsingen.

Zombie Code.

Most surprisingly, dead code may affect the result of the program -- even though it is not even executed.

Oleg Kiselyov: Type inference and the undead code

Apps VS. Programs.

The bigger the screen, the more stuff people do in a browser nowadays.

Pink is not an option.

And suddenly someone promises you an elephant.


Es war seltsam an ihrem Haus mit dem Wintergarten im ersten Stockwerk vorbeizufahren und darin andere Menschen zu sehen.

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