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Warburg to Marburg.

Cycling in the sun is a hell of a drug.

Pain Target.

Since women are known to benefit from social support more than men [...], they were selected for the role of pain target.

Goldstein et. al (2018): Brain-to-brain coupling during handholding is associated with pain reduction.

Thought I was unbreakable.

Please heal me, I can't sleep

In Flames: Delight And Angers


Susan, enjoy the absurdity of our world. It's a lot less painful. Believe me, our world is a lot less painful than the real world.

Carlos in Nocturnal Animals


I just made you up to hurt myself

Nine Inch Nails: Only


Schmerzfrei läuft nicht

feministische fetzen

S. C. H. R. A. N. K.

Ist es eher eine depressive Form von schlecht oder eine wütende Form von schlecht?

Es ist die fröhliche hippie rosa yuppi yuppi Form von schlecht mit den kleinen rosa Glücksbärchen.

Bernd das Brot über schlechte Laune (taz)

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