Schlagwort: Queer

I went to hell and back to find myself on track.

Somewhere between the 0s and 1s
That's where I found my kingdom come

Nemo: The Code

Butt and Brain.

Ohne Macht und Gewalt ist diese Männlichkeit leer.

So als giftiger Mann ist nicht so richtig entspannt.

Sookee & Alex Schrottgrenze vs. Jennifer Rostock: Hengstin

Platz für Utopien.

Du brauchst 'ne starke Wahlfamilie

Schrottgrenze: Life is Queer

The Power of Code(s).

Lynn Cyrin is a computer science student and Dean's Scholar at Mills College. She has been studying programming for roughly a year, and sees it mainly as a means to an end – the end being destroying capitalism, decolonizing our culture, and spreading queerness.