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“You don’t think diplomacy would be more effective?” “I’m not a diplomat. I’m me. Who are you?” Instead of answering this difficult question, Sarah leaned back comfortably against the wall and closed her eyes.

Neal Stephenson: The Big U

Träume statt Trauma.

[...] merely seeking the truth is not enough, but a robust and wholesome approach to operationalise that truth to help heal is vital.

Kirthi Jayakumar: Redrawing the Galtung Triangle – Finding Place for Healing Trauma in Peace Work


If something non-negotionable suddenly seems non-negligible, you might be reading too many different things at the same time.

Stupid last line.

Conflict is inevitable like control and fear
Conflict is integral say goodbye my dear
Conflict is inevitable like control and death
Conflict is integral this is the end i said

Conflict is inevitable see it in your mind
Conflict is what makes us here it's so easy to find
Conflict is inevitable attack inside your head
Conflict is a part of us with us until we're dead

Conflict is inevitable the crash and it all comes down
Conflict is in everything in us and all around
Conflict is inevitable a force inside your heart
Conflict is integral let's prepare to part

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A conflict, then, is a contradiction where the acceptability region is located inside the incompatibility region.

Johan Galtung: Theories of Conflict