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Fun fact: there is a lot of Wacken in France.

EU, regulate this!

It's not like you have to go to China to find a censored eduroam access point.


Understanding something is not necessary to play with it.


'The real problem, is that Baise-Moi is a film about violent "lower class" women, made by supposedly marginal women. The mainstream doesn't want to hear about people with nothing, the disenfranchised, the marginals, taking up arms and killing people for fun and money. It happens, of course, but we're not allowed to acknowledge it.


A lot of people really don't want to see two North African women who have been raped taking up arms and shooting European men. That's a little too close to historical reality.


There's a great pleasure in pissing people off. At least it makes them talk about things.

Virginie Despentes talking about the reactions to Baise-Moi in the Guardian (April 2002)

Stage 22.

I'll now go and enjoy Paris. Stage 22 is coming up...!

Marcel Kittel