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When do you (dare to) remove someone from your birthday calendar?

Can one hesitate to hesitate?

Our boredom bleeds us wide awake

The Walkabouts: Fuck Your Fear

(yes, again)

Hollandse Brug.

Life was so different this time last year.

graffiti near Muiderberg


What felicity it is to hear a tune again which has made one happy!

Jane Austen: Emma


I find it confusing that all special days and dates already existed and happened before they became special. Sometimes more, sometimes less related to what they are now.

It is out of sight and none shall see.

Can you stand the person you've become?

Bastille: Weight Of Living, Pt. I

It doesn’t have a name.

I don’t remember the first time
But I think I survived

The Naked and Famous: Spank

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