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Expect lots of weird symbols and stuff, as the project is on formal logic. 😉

Ramon: New! Fresh! A Blog!


Sometimes my therapist is this blog,
sometimes I upgrade to a real live person.

Math, Chocolate and Circus: Depression


I have only been on this blog a short time, but it was quickly evident how you support and encourage others. You prove that boidibudly-ng is not just for those who want to compete, but it is a lifestyle for people of all ages [...]

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I've had this blog for more than 20% of my life now.


Sorry my dear fellow cyb(l)o(r)g, I was too busy congratulating your real world parts, so here are some time travelling wishes!


Bitte lesen Sie weiter, hier gab gibt es nichts zu sehen ...

Scheduling for the past.

Zuhause ist die Zeitzone in der das eigene Blog läuft.

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