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Busy New Year.

Please reconsider the deadline of the veni grant for next year. By choosing a deadline right after the Christmas break, you are contributing to an unhealthy research culture, which ultimately might even lead to young researchers leaving the field.

Felienne: Open letter to NWO (2013)

5 stars, would plot again.

Confusing IMDb with LMFDB suddenly leads to completely new forms of evening entertainment.


Manchmal ist alles Käse.


I think my students are being entirely rational when they “distract” themselves in my class with their phones. They understand the world they are being prepared to enter much better than I do. In that world, I’m the distraction, not their phones or their social-media profiles or their networking. Yet for what I’m supposed to be doing — educating and cultivating young hearts and minds — the consequences are pretty dark.

Ron Srigley: I asked my students to turn in their cell phones and write about living without them.


A computing-research conference is "a journal that meets in a hotel."

Moshe Vardi: Publish and Perish

Dissident uit Roermond, 1298 - 1353.

"Heigh Jah van daar moeder en waarom de komiteaal honden kjat naam andertaar te geldert aanwezig" I said to my boyfriend as I picked up my phone and called my dad

Spalte und Ehersche.

Außerdem haben mein Mann und ich feste politische Überzeugungen und sind der Meinung, dass an allem wirklich Schlechten der Kapitalismus schuld ist. Daher lassen wir uns nicht gegeneinander hetzen.

Scheidungsanwältin Helene Klaar

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