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Who are the users, and who gets used?

Right now, as we’re anticipating the creation of AIs to serve our intimate needs, organise our diaries and care for us, and to do it all for free and without complaint, it’s easy to see how many designers might be more comfortable with those entities having the voices and faces of women. If they were designed male, users might be tempted to treat them as equals, to acknowledge them as human in some way, perhaps even offer them an entry-level salary and a cheeky drink after work.

Laurie Penny: Why do we give robots female names? Because we don’t want to consider their feelings. (2016-04-22)

Bij alles wat ik doe.

Ik kan het niet hebben als het avonds is

oh, want 's avonds mis ik je vaak

Suzan & Freek: Als Het Avond Is

Strucditional Ignoriolence.

Die mangelnde Heranziehung von Frauen zu öffentlichen Ämtern und ihre geringe Beteiligung in den Parlamenten ist doch schlicht Verfassungsbruch in Permanenz.

Elisabeth Selbert (1981)


Das menschliche Gehirn ist eine großartige Sache: es funktioniert vom Augenblick der Geburt an - bis zu dem Moment, wo man aufsteht, eine Rede zu halten.

Mark Twain (angeblich)


Holding out for something new
The lies we try to tell
Of broken dreams and heartbreak
Release me from your spell

In Flames: Deep Inside

Die ICQ Liste unseres Jahrgangs.

All means of communication develop (and disappear together with) their own style.

There's cute in execute.

Follow the rules, but not blindly.

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