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Entfernt wichtig.

Making an effort to find something unimportant is a strange but frequent phenomenon.


After more than thirteen years, my wrist is empty again. Which matters surprisingly little — much less than who notices.


If the Universe came to an end every time there was some uncertainty about what had happened in it, it would never have got beyond the first picosecond. And many of course don't. It's like a human body, you see. A few cuts and bruises here and there don't hurt it. Not even major surgery if it's done properly. Paradoxes are just the scar tissue. Time and space heal themselves up around them and people simply remember a version of events which makes as much sense as they require it to make.

Douglas Adams: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

quoted by Long Distance Calling in Flux


Show me your palm and I will tell you whether you have a real job.


This may sound weird, but sometimes I really want to send someone to another persons bathroom.

Quite enough.

I do suspect that he is not really necessary to my happiness. So much the better. I certainly will not persuade myself to feel more than I do. I am quite enough in love.

Jane Austen: Emma


A proof assistant is what happens if you spend all your time developing a type checker for your language and forget that programs also need to be run.

Vladislav Zavialov: Why Dependent Haskell is the Future of Software Development

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