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Amsterdam Not.

Wij hebben het Ciel Bleu, zij de Pannenkoekenboot. Wij hebben het Concertgebouw, zij hebben de Pannenkoekenboot. Wij gaan met de bakfiets naar het werk, zij met de Pannenkoekenboot. Ik bedoel maar.

De Speld: Marketingtruc? De andere kant van het IJ heet ineens Amsterdam-Noord


There was a common issue that has since been fixed where boyfriend photos were accidentally posted instead of girlfriends. We have since corrected the issue and removed all posts made in error.

lifefaker: Why has my girlfriend turned into a boyfriend?


While the group was initially unable to confirm that water is H2O on Twin Earth, the results turned out to be due to contaminated research materials—one of the researchers’ minds had been contaminated by Chomskyan internalist semantics.

fauxphilnews: Kripke resigns as report alleges he faked results of thought experiments


Yes it's fucking political
Everything's political
Yes it's fucking satirical
Everything's satirical
Yes it's fucking political
Everything's political

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