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Still still too much money?

Hambi bleibt!


Still too much money?

Aktionsgemeinschaft Solidarische Welt e.V.

Direktkredite an Hausprojekte oder das Syndikat


Hey Ho, “doi:” and “dx” have got to go

New Crossref DOI display guidelines are on the way

Same holds for DOIs.

There is no excuse for not using hyperref.

Too much money?

Galtung-Institut für Friedenstheorie und Friedenspraxis

Werkstatt für Aktionen und Alternativen

Wikipedia (Wikimedia Deutschland)


There is no longer a left worth speaking of, and a language of the left. The language of politics, with its new economistic bent, is even more repellent than it was fifteen years ago.

J. M. Coetzee


A couple may form, as the Brownings did, a mutual admiration society. It is very pleasant to have someone at hand who is sure to praise your work, whether it deserves it or not. And Browning undoubtedly felt that he was a fine, manly fellow when he denounced Fitzgerald in no measured terms for having dared not to admire Aurora Leigh. I cannot feel that this complete suspension of the critical faculty on both sides is really admirable.

Bertrand Russell

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