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The i in teaching.

The goal is to inspire, not to impress.


Teaching should inspire, not impress.

Hosting the Hippies.

Writing Sorry-For-The-Fuckup-Mails to "customers" feels a lot worse when they are not paying with money but world-improvement.

myself on twitter, 2011-10-12

Kurzer Kuchen.

In running and staffing the site we will never discriminate on the grounds of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or how much you like cake.

The ethics of

Sexists blocks.

Nein, hier ist gibt es nicht mal nen Link zu

What We Want.

I de­s­i­re so much to ima­gi­ne
how it would be
wi­thout this bias n shit n mi­s­trust
just fa­cing each other
as uni­que per­sons
that share joy n re­spect
in equa­li­ty and ex­ci­te­ment

feministischefetzen - To most of the men* I slept with (second thoughts)

Take a screenshot while you still can.

Like many of Mozilla’s supporters – and like many of the Mozillans I know and respect – I am devastated by this turn of events. The free and open web needs an entity like Mozilla to stand on principle, especially when the commercial internet world so manifestly stands on nothing but profits.

Cory Doctorow: Firefox’s adoption of closed-source DRM breaks my heart

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