Schlagwort-Archiv: Geschwindigkeit

Outrun all the pain.

I'm a loco with a motive and you'll ride with me tonight

Marko Hietala: Runner Of The Railways


It’s not something any of us talk about very much – and maybe it’s only me – but when I’m on the bike and the blood, oxygen and caffeine are flowing as they should, I become a wild snarling beast and I don’t want ‘comfort’, ‘endurance fit’ or a ‘relaxed geometry’. I want a bike that will elevate me, conspire with me, and maybe even frighten me a bit. A bike on which I might get carried away.

Emily Chappell: Road Test: Liv Langma Advanced Pro Disc and Advanced Pro 0


It's amazing how slow javascript can be.

Delayed Assembler.

Sentences including "real-time Java" also make a lot of sense if you replace it with "stupid but hilarious idea".

Seven Milli(on)seconds.

…There is a role in [capital] markets for traders whose work is more speculative…But when taken to its logical extremes, such as computers exploiting five millisecond advantages in the transfer of market-moving information, it's much less clear that society gains anything…

Kevin Drum / Mother Jones

Hopp, hopp, hopp.

Ja, ich finde dass wir viele Dinge viel zu schnell tun.