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Sonntags im Schwimmbad.

Wo die Welt noch in Ordnung ist.

Was soll der Drosten sagen?

Warum bist du nicht geimpft?
Guck dir den Dieter an
Der hat sogar nen Booster

Die Virologen: Junge (Cover Version)


I admit to using ping to check who is awake.


If you want to read a paper but cannot find an accessible version, most authors will be more than happy to accommodate your request. We are not paid anything by the publishers when you buy our paper from them, by the way.

Bastian Rieck: Things You Are Allowed To Do, Academic Edition


A downside of running my CI pipelines somewhere else is that I no longer hear (the fan stopping) when they are done.

Shimano-Pritt anti-midge SPF 50 anti-flat carecide extra tasty.

Can I still add tubeless tire sealant, glue and frying oil to the ultimate cream wishlist?


Buses and trains are supposed to arrive at constant intervals, but in practice some intervals are longer than others. With your luck, you might think you are more likely to arrive during a long interval. It turns out you are right: a random arrival is more likely to fall in a long interval because, well, it’s longer.

Probably Overthinking It (Allen Downey): The Inspection Paradox is Everywhere

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