• I will make explicit how to cite my software.
  • I will cite the software I used to produce my research results.
  • When reviewing, I will encourage others to cite the software they have used.


  • I will recognize software contributions in hiring and promotion within my institution, and encourage others in my institution to do the same.

Development and Use

  • I will develop software as open source from the start, whenever possible.
  • I will contribute to sustaining software I use and rely on.
  • I will match proposed software engineering practices to the actual needs and resources of the project.
  • I will help researchers improve the quality of their software without passing judgment.
  • I will publish the intellectual contributions of my research software.
  • I will document (including usage instructions, and input and output examples), package, release, and archive versions of my software.


Manifesto from Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 16252: Engineering Academic Software (